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Eskom Vacancies – Have a Brighter Career with Eskom, South Africa

Eskom vacancies. Having a good and reliable career is everyone’s desire. Be it a fresh graduate or a person that has been working for years, what they are looking for in life is the same: a job that can guarantee their future. As we all know, we work to do the things we love as well as to get paid with the proper amount of money. To get it, what we need is to work in a prestigious company. Another great thing about working in a prestigious company is you can also become your family pride because in many parts of the world, a good occupation means a higher social status. For that reason, you might want to consider working in Eskom. If you are a South Africa citizen, you must be familiar with this company. It’s one of the largest companies in the country and by working here, you can only expect a brighter future as it offers many benefits for its employees. If you are interested to work here, you better keep on reading as this article will tell you anything you need to know about Eskom from the company’s profile to the job vacancies available.

About Eskom South Africa

When talking about South Africa, the thing that most people know is it’s a highly industrious country in Africa and because of that this country demands the biggest electricity supplier in the continent. That’s where Eskom position is. As the sole state-owned electricity company, it is responsible to provide electricity to 95% area in South Africa. Moreover, it also covers 45% of electricity demand in Africa Continent. That’s why this company is one of top twenty electricity generators in the world. The company itself was built in 1923 and at first was Electricity Supply Commission in South Africa. However, the status was changed in 2002 and now is a public limited liability company. Because it’s a state-owned company, the credibility of this company is unquestionable.

Eskom Vacancies

Eskom VacanciesSince South Africa is in high demand of electricity supply, up until now the company is still expanding its plants to meet the country’s need for electricity. Its generation capacity was increased up to 17,120 MW and the transmission lines were expanded up to 4,700 km in 2005. The expansion is said to be the biggest on the company’s history and is predicted to be finished in 2018. For the energy supply outside South Africa, Eskom has two subsidiaries, namely Rotek Industries and Roshcon. These two subsidiaries are operating in Senegal, Mauritania, Uganda, and Senegal. All in all, we can say that Eskom really is a big and prestigious company. If you are still curious about what the company really is about and the entire program it has, you can visit its website on There, you will find much valuable information related to this giant South Africa Company.

Career with Eskom

Since it’s one of South Africa’s largest companies, you can imagine how highly demanded the vacancies in Eskom are. Because of that, many people are often being unsure as to whether they should apply or not. However, there is no reason why you shouldn’t. As long as you are a qualified candidate, there is always a chance that this company will hire you. However, you need to keep in mind that since this company is on a large expansion, what the company wants are only result-driven individuals. This means that you need to be competitive in order to be hired. In addition, you also need to have a relevant educational background with the position that you are going to apply. Although this company prefers those with excellent working experience, there are some positions in eskom vacancies that also look for fresh graduates. Therefore, you should always be proactive in finding information about the job opening and the requirements that should be fulfilled.

Eskom Vacancies

Once you are certain, you then can visit the website at and create your account there. After that, you should complete some needed information. Some of the files that you need to upload are: your resume, graduation certificate, academic transcript of your score, and some awards that you have gained so far. The last one is optional although it is also crucial as it can help show that you are a qualified individual with all the awards you have. Then, there is some additional information that you need to provide on the website. After you have completed all the necessary details in your profile, you then can check out the job vacancies section and find one that suits you. Then, you can apply for it and wait for the company to do a screening test to your application. If you are considered qualified, Eskom will contact you to do further tests and interviews. Even if you are not eligible for the position you apply, no need to be worried. As your information is already kept on the company’s data storage, you can apply for another job using the same profile. Therefore, don’t hesitate to apply for a job at Eskom and have a brighter tomorrow.

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